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Hard Water in Carmel Maine

Hard Water in Carmel Maine. The ground water in Carmel Maine is definitely hard water. Folks with their private wells can verify that. Our business is water softeners, water filters, and water purifiers. Carmel has been a strong market for us. It takes superior products like “EVOLVE” to properly handle hard water and iron water … Continued

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Hard Water in Brooksville Maine

Hard Water in Brooksville Maine. Recently Mainely Water was contacted to install a water softener for a home in Brooksville. The owners had lived with the hard water from their private well for about 10 years. “That’s long enough”, he said. “We should have done this a long time ago”. We Agree ! Brooksville is … Continued

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Water Treatment Systems in Maine

What is a “Water Treatment System” ? It is completely self-descriptive. Anything done to water to change the quality of water is “Water Treatment”. A Water Treatment System is usually intended to improve water quality. In city water we think of chlorination as the primary “treatment”. But some city water is hard water. Homes and … Continued

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Best Water Softeners in Maine

Mainely Water LLC is an independent distributor of water softeners & water treatment products. The word independent is key. As an independent distributor, we can offer the best product for your water problem. We are not a “Franchise” of some big manufacturer. Those guys are tied to their franchise-bosses. They have dealer agreements that prevent … Continued

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Water Softener in Carmel Maine

Water Softener in Carmel Maine. The unit shown in this picture is an EV1 by Evolve. It will remove Iron & Sulfur as well as soften the water. It will even balance the pH. It is highly reliable & trouble free. (I actually have this unit in my home). I consider it the most awesome … Continued

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Water Softener Ratings & Reviews

Water Softener Ratings & Reviews… Please, Please, Please look at ratings & customer reviews before you buy a water softener. There are different qualities in everything… and water softeners are no different. But also, there are huge differences in the skill-sets between water dealers & technicians. Many companies still sell old style inefficient systems that … Continued

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Arsenic Water Filters in Maine

Arsenic Water Filters in Maine are common because we have a lot of naturally occurring arsenic in our ground water and private wells. There are several different technologies for removing arsenic from water. At Mainely Water, we carry all of them. Our solutions include: Salt free filters for kitchen sink or whole house Reverse Osmosis … Continued

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Water Conditioning Professionals should be Certified !!!

As of this post, there are eight “Certified Professionals” in the State of Maine, representing five different companies. Seven of them are south of Bangor. Mainely Water is the only company north of Bangor that employs, or is owned by, a Certified Professional. The National “Water Quality Association” (WQA) offers intense & rigorous training programs … Continued

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Water Softener Ratings & Reviews in Maine…

Water Softener Ratings & Reviews in Maine… Mainely Water does not pay for search engine placement. Whatever placement we have is organic and derived from people like you searching for water softeners in Maine… Or from folks reading through various pages in our website. Our Ratings and Reviews are a most visited page. The people … Continued

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Hard water in Lincoln Maine

Hard water in Lincoln Maine. The area around Lincoln Maine has some very hard water. Many wells have iron causing orange or brown stains. Many wells have Arsenic… a more serious issue. Our company employs nationally certified technical staff with more than 30 years of experience. We can solve most problems with water quality. Our … Continued

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