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A Trustworthy Company Providing Water Treatment Equipment at a Fair Price

Importance of Water Testing

Here in Maine, we have the purity of the great outdoors. With that comes some of nature’s dark side. In addition to the usual Hard water, Iron (rusty) water, Sulfur (rotten egg smell) water, and a few other annoying problems, we have more serious problems such as Arsenic, Uranium, Radon & Bacteria. Finding any of these problems in a private well is actually quite common. Getting your water tested is important if you want to determine if you have any of these issues.

Water Testing Pros

Mainely Water are Certified Water Specialists. The Technical Director & Applications Engineer at Mainely Water LLC has more than 40 years of experience in the water treatment industry. We use the best testing equipment to get accurate and thorough results. We are fully trained to test and analyze your water.

We Are Certified Water Specialists

A CWS has completed extensive training, field work and project work. The program is rigorous and typically takes about 1 year to complete. It focuses on water chemistry, water quality and the correct application for equipment and its suitability to resolve a certain problems. Effectiveness, Efficiency & Cost are some of the factors to consider when selecting water filtration equipment.

Water Solutions

Once your water is tested, Mainely Water can work with you to solve any water issues you may have. We are a full service water treatment company. We offer a wide variety of filters, softeners, and purifiers for residential or commercial properties.

Experienced Locally Owned Company

Whatever your need… Mainely Water is a good call. We are a family owned & operated business. Our founder is a Licensed Maine Master Plumber, WQA Certified in multiple disciplines of water quality improvements. He has 36 years of experience designing & installing water purification & filtration systems for homes and small to medium businesses. He can help you too.

Free Estimate

Mainely Water offers free estimates for every project. For a free estimate without the big sales pitch, give us a call. We can usually give you a pretty good “ballpark” price over the phone. (207) 907-9772

Service Area

Mainely Water serves central Maine, from Newport to the coast. Some of the towns we have done work in are Bangor, Millinocket, Carmel, Windsor and Trescott.

Why Choose Mainely Water, LLC

Here is what some happy Mainely Water customers have to say about us:

A Trustworthy Company Providing Water Treatment Equipment at a Fair Price