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Arsenic Filter Experts !

Arsenic Filter Experts ! There are so many things that can go wrong if your arsenic removal system is not expertly designed, installed and maintained. The picture shows an arsenic removal system in a 10 unit apartment building that was somewhat complicated by other issues with the water chemistry. This is so often the case … Continued

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Water Softener Reviews

Water Softener Reviews are most useful to consumers contemplating making that kind of purchase (see ours !). These kind of customer ratings describe the products, service and general treatment customers receive from Water Softener Companies. Often Water Softener pricing is included in such reviews. Look at reviews. Check out 3rd party sources like the Better … Continued

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Water softener Service & Repair

Water softener Service & Repair is a rare skill set. Most companies will advertise they “service all makes & models”. When you call they come out under the guise of “service” but after 10 minutes of investigation, they just try to sell you a new water softener. Now don’t get me wrong… sometimes that is … Continued

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Taking care of your water filter system

Taking care of your water filter system. Good quality water filters are large appliances that usually have electronic controllers on a cylindrical tank that is full of a special filter media designed for your particular set of water issues. There are two very broad categories of contaminants to be filtered… Health Related Contaminants (cause disease … Continued

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Why do I have low hot water pressure?

Why do I have low hot water pressure ? Mainely Water got this question last week from a homeowner with a private well in Orono. When I got to their home, I found their water hardness test showed extremely hard water and an elevated pH. Neither of these results indicate a health related concern. However, … Continued

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Why does “Mainely Water” come near the top of google searches for water softeners in Maine?

Originally posted August 16, 2012 by Chuck Minott Why does “Mainely Water” come near the top of google searches for water softeners in Maine ? “Mainely Water overwhelmingly gets a top spot on organic listings. The first few listings in searches are “sponsered” listings. They often have a small symbol “ad”. That means the company … Continued

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Why do I get soap scum on shower walls?

Originally posted April 25, 2016 by Chuck Minott Why do I get soap scum on shower walls ? Soap scum if caused by the curd that results from HARD WATER & SOAP. There are many products that can cut through the nasty white build-up. But the best way is to prevent it in the first … Continued

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Can hard water make my hair dry?… YES !

Can hard water make my hair dry ? YES ! The hardness in water combines with soaps & shampoo and forms a soap scum that coats everything… including your hair. The most visible presentation of soap scum is usually that white film on your shower wall. Many salons and hair stylist will tell folks they … Continued

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Salt Free Water Softeners

Originally posted January 2010 by Chuck Minott Prelude: Everybody that wants a water softener would love to have a “Salt Free Water Softener:… Including me ! For that reason, folks are eager to believe what they want to hear. Therefore, they get ripped off ! What follows is my personal opinion on “Salt Free Water … Continued

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How do i remove arsenic from my well water

How do i remove arsenic from my well water ? Much of Maine has Arsenic in our ground water. Therefore, many homes with private wells have arsenic contamination in their drinking water. Arsenic is known to cause many kinds of cancers and suspected of many others, as well as a host of additional health related … Continued

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