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Providing Maine with Water Treatment Solutions with Great Service at a Fair Price

Mainely Water specializes in solving your water problems, matching appropriate filters, softeners, and purification systems to your specific needs. We can recommend and interpret your water tests to tailor a water treatment system to your home or business. We are a locally owned Maine company providing the highest quality statewide service.

Why Choose Mainely Water, LLC

We are a family owned & operated business. Founder, Chuck Minott is a Licensed Maine
Master Plumber, and WQA Certified in multiple disciplines. He has over 36 years of experience.


Prompt Service

Mainely Water replies quickly to your requests for service or an estimate. We are a local company, and can respond quickly to any of your needs.


Fair, competitive pricing

As a family owned business, good value is very important to us. We offer fair pricing that is very competitive in our industry. Good work at a good price.


Top of the line equipment

At Mainely Water, we only use the best equipment available. With over 36 years experience, we know that to get the best results, you need the best equipment.


Over the Phone Quotes & Pricing

For most applications, a salesman's visit to your house is not necessary. We can commonly give direct estimates over the phone in coordination with your water test results.


No high-pressure sales

Mainely Water will never give you a high pressure sales pitch. Our products and results speak for themselves, so we don’t need to pressure anybody.


No upselling

We never upsell at Mainely Water. We want to fit you with the perfect water treatment system for your needs, and nothing more!

Water Testing

Here in Maine, we have the purity of the great outdoors. With that comes some of nature’s dark side. In addition to the usual Hard water, Iron (rusty), Sulfur (rotten egg smell), and a few other annoying problems, we have more serious problems such as Arsenic, Uranium, Radon & Bacteria. Getting your water tested is important if you want to determine if you have any of these issues.

Learn More About Water Testing

Water Softeners

People buy water softeners for a host of different reasons. Some consider it a necessity, others consider it a preference. Whatever your reason we will give you the best quality water softener for your particular application. Our team can help determine your exact needs, and tailor a system for you. Maine can have particularly hard water.Mainely Water can help you pick a water softener system that works with your water.

Learn More About Water Softeners

Water Filters

Water Purification, Filtration & Softening in Maine can be something different to every family or business. Mainely Water is here to help you. For some on a City Water supply such as Bangor, Lincoln or Boothbay Harbor; water purification could mean something as simple as a carbon filter to remove chlorine or other tastes / odors from the water. It could also mean a water softener or reverse osmosis system for removing hard water deposits and purifying drinking water

Learn More About Water Filters

Water Heaters

We have 40 gallon & 50 gallon Water Heaters in stock. We generally carry “State Select”, “Bradford White” & “AO Smith”. Also, the new High Efficiency Rinnai Tankless water heaters are growing in popularity for a couple of reasons: You never run out of hot water no matter what size bathtub you have or how many people take showers. The last person has the same amount of hot water as the first person. You now have hot water and reduce your energy bills at the same time.

Learn More About Water Heaters

Why Choose Mainely Water, LLC

Here is what some happy Mainely Water customers have to say about us:

A Trustworthy Company Providing Water Treatment Equipment at a Fair Price