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Water Filters

Mainely Water is an expert at dealing with water problems, providing a range of high quality water filters, softeners, and purifiers to best fit your specific water chemistry. Below is a list of our more common water contaminants found in the state of Maine and the water filter applications often used to address them:

Iron in my Water?

Iron is one of the most common water contaminants that can be seen, smelt, and tasted. Iron in your water often presents as creating orange staining around toilet bowls and other water fixtures and even orange or yellow colored water direct out of the tap. At Mainely Water, we can help fit the appropriate iron filtering system to take care of this waterborne contaminant. Depending on your complete water chemistry, our Water Specialists can help recommend a number of solutions for your water, including our most common iron filter, our Air Infusion water filter systems that do not require any consumables and that operate for years with minimal maintenance.

Manganese in my water?

Manganese along with iron is a very common contaminent in our Maine water supplies. Manganese can be seen, smelt, and tasted, and generally presents with grey staining in water fixtures including toilet tanks and showers. Depending on your complete water chemistry, our Water Specialists can help recommend a number of solutions, including our Air Infusion water filter systems and a variety of water softeners to fit your particular application.

Sulfur Smell in my water?

Sulfur is found in Maine drinking water however it is commonly misidentified by the consumer. There are many contaminants in our Maine water that smell very similar to sulfur and are often described as a sulfur-smell. These contaminants include iron, manganese, and bacteria, all of which can produce a sulfur-y smell. Allow us at Mainely Water to help discern the difference and create a good filter package depending on your specific water chemistry.

Arsenic in my water?

Among one of the most common water contaminants found in Maine is arsenic in your water. Arsenic is an odorless, flavorless water contaminent with major health ramifications; diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer are common outcomes to the human consumption of arsenic. Therefore, at Mainely Water, we take arsenic mitigation very seriously and have some great filter systems to ensure the safety of you and your family. Our arsenic filters are whole-house applications and generally do not require any consumables or maintenance. These passive filters actively remove the arsenic from your water without the use of electricity and merely require annual testing to monitor the system. Make sure to test your water for arsenic as it is a dangerous, common water contaminant here in the state of Maine.

Radon in my water?

Due to Maine’s unique geology, it is common to find radon throughout the state of Maine. Like arsenic, radon is a flavorless, odorless, invisible water contaminant with major repercussions to your health. The primary danger to having radon in your water is not necessarily from the consumption but the use of the water, as it turns into gas at atmospheric pressure and is breathed in by the consumer. Even if you don’t drink your water with radon, you are being exposed to it every time you take a shower, do a load of laundry, or dishes. At Mainely Water, we have an excellent water filter specifically designed for radon mitigation. This two-tank system is passive and uses no consumables, including no electricity and merely requires annual testing to monitor and maintain the filter system. Radon requires its own test, not commonly done with general water tests; we recommend testing your water for radon to ensure the health of you and your family. It is common if you have radon in your basement that you will have radon in your water and should be taken as seriously as your airborne radon.

Bacteria in my water?

Another common water contaminant that is hazardous to your health is bacteria in your drinking water. Bacteria found in your water in the forms of coliform or E. Coli can be relatively invisible but can also present in a variety of smells and tastes that often are misinterpreted as sulfur. All well water can be susceptible to bacteria and often can change from being bacteria-free to having bacteria as the well deteriorates and ages. The short-term, ‘real estate special’ is to shock the well, which can kill the bacteria and treat the symptom of having bacteria in your water but does not deal with the long-term cause of having bacteria in your water. Therefore, we recommend treating your water, not just temporarily but for the long-term, with the installation of an Ultra-Violet purification system. Ultra-Violet light does an excellent job at killing all of the dangerous bacteria as it passes through, protecting your family for not just months, but years down the road.

Chlorine in my water?

Many municipalities and public drinking water supplies utilizes the injection of chlorine to ensure bacteria free water. In some of our residential areas in Maine, this chlorine smell and taste can be intolerable. At Mainely Water, we have a variety of different chlorine filters that will provide great tasting and great smelling water for you and your family. If you’re tired of having smelly or nasty tasting water, we have a filter system that can help.

Looking for the highest quality drinking water?

At Mainely Water, our experts can help meet all of your needs, from filter systems that treat just your necessities like iron, manganese, arsenic, radon and bacteria removal to systems that create bottle-quality water right at your sink. We utilize a variety of drinking water technologies, including Reverse Osmosis. Reverse Osmosis is the most comprehensive technology available for a wide variety of dissolved solids. Not all Reverse Osmosis (RO) is created equal. Some companies will manufacture RO systems to highlight the rate of production, while sacrificing the quality of water. Our Reverse Osmosis systems are of the highest quality and performance.

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