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A Trustworthy Company Providing Water Treatment Equipment at a Fair Price

Water Filters Tailored to Your Needs

Water Purification, Filtration & Softening in Maine can be something different to every family or business. Mainely Water is here to help you. For some on a City Water supply such as Bangor, Lincoln or Boothbay Harbor; water purification could mean something as simple as a carbon filter to remove chlorine or other tastes / odors from the water. It could also mean a water softener or reverse osmosis system for removing hard water deposits and purifying drinking water. If you have your own private well, you may want to remove iron staining or those Blue / Green stainings. A water softener may be what you need or even a filter to remove Arsenic from the water.

Experienced Locally Owned Company

Whatever your need… Mainely Water is a good call. We are a family owned & operated business. Our founder is a Licensed Maine Master Plumber, WQA Certified in multiple disciplines of water quality improvements. He has 36 years of experience designing & installing water purification & filtration systems for homes and small to medium businesses. He can help you too.

Free Estimate

Mainely Water offers free estimates for every project. For a free estimate without the big sales pitch, give us a call. We can usually give you a pretty good “ballpark” price over the phone. (207) 907-9772

Certified Water Filter Installer

Mainely Water carries national certifications from the Water Quality Association (WQA). This program usually is completed in about 10 months. A CI is skilled to install water filtration equipment according to local plumbing code and manufacturer’s specification. Improper installation can have dangerous consequences to occupants of a home or business.

Drinking Water Filters

So… let’s talk about drinking water filters for Maine. Mostly, we are working with folks with their own private well. Many times we find arsenic in well water along with a variety of contaminants not suitable for drinking. We carry several very effective drinking water technologies. Reverse Osmosis is the most comprehensive technology available for a wide variety of dissolved solids. Not all Reverse Osmosis (RO) is created equal. Some companies will manufacture RO systems to highlight the rate of production, while sacrificing the quality of water. If you have a problem with arsenic or other contaminants, please give us a call. We can talk about your options and offer solutions for you to choose from.

Maine Service Area

Mainely Water serves central Maine, from Newport to the coast. Some of the towns we have done work in are Bangor, Millinocket, Carmel, Windsor, Brooksville, Wade, Ellsworth and Trescott.

Why Choose Mainely Water, LLC

Here is what some happy Mainely Water customers have to say about us:

A Trustworthy Company Providing Water Treatment Equipment at a Fair Price