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Arsenic Filter Experts !

Arsenic Filter Experts ! There are so many things that can go wrong if your arsenic removal system is not expertly designed, installed and maintained. The picture shows an arsenic removal system in a 10 unit apartment building that was somewhat complicated by other issues with the water chemistry. This is so often the case … Continued

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Taking care of your water filter system

Taking care of your water filter system. Good quality water filters are large appliances that usually have electronic controllers on a cylindrical tank that is full of a special filter media designed for your particular set of water issues. There are two very broad categories of contaminants to be filtered… Health Related Contaminants (cause disease … Continued

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Can hard water make my hair dry?… YES !

Can hard water make my hair dry ? YES ! The hardness in water combines with soaps & shampoo and forms a soap scum that coats everything… including your hair. The most visible presentation of soap scum is usually that white film on your shower wall. Many salons and hair stylist will tell folks they … Continued

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Salt Free Water Softeners

Originally posted January 2010 by Chuck Minott Prelude: Everybody that wants a water softener would love to have a “Salt Free Water Softener:… Including me ! For that reason, folks are eager to believe what they want to hear. Therefore, they get ripped off ! What follows is my personal opinion on “Salt Free Water … Continued

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How do i remove arsenic from my well water

How do i remove arsenic from my well water ? Much of Maine has Arsenic in our ground water. Therefore, many homes with private wells have arsenic contamination in their drinking water. Arsenic is known to cause many kinds of cancers and suspected of many others, as well as a host of additional health related … Continued

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What is the white soap scum in my shower ?

What is the white soap scum in my shower ? That’s the question I got from a lady yesterday, Her shower door turns white. This in not uncommon in hard water areas. Hard water combines with soaps causes the curd or scum that you see form on your shower walls and door. Interestingly… it even … Continued

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Who sells the best water softeners in Maine?

Who sells the best water softeners in Maine ? #1 water softener dealer in Maine is arguably Mainely Water in a little town outside of Lincoln called Burlington. They are a small family owned business with more than 35 years of experience to draw from. They not only sell water softeners but also systems to … Continued

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Hard Water in Carmel Maine

Hard Water in Carmel Maine. The ground water in Carmel Maine is definitely hard water. Folks with their private wells can verify that. Our business is water softeners, water filters, and water purifiers. Carmel has been a strong market for us. It takes superior products like “EVOLVE” to properly handle hard water and iron water … Continued

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Hard Water in Brooksville Maine

Hard Water in Brooksville Maine. Recently Mainely Water was contacted to install a water softener for a home in Brooksville. The owners had lived with the hard water from their private well for about 10 years. “That’s long enough”, he said. “We should have done this a long time ago”. We Agree ! Brooksville is … Continued

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Water Treatment Systems in Maine

What is a “Water Treatment System” ? It is completely self-descriptive. Anything done to water to change the quality of water is “Water Treatment”. A Water Treatment System is usually intended to improve water quality. In city water we think of chlorination as the primary “treatment”. But some city water is hard water. Homes and … Continued

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Why Choose Mainely Water, LLC

Here is what some happy Mainely Water customers have to say about us:

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