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Water Treatment Systems in Maine

What is a “Water Treatment System” ? It is completely self-descriptive. Anything done to water to change the quality of water is “Water Treatment”. A Water Treatment System is usually intended to improve water quality. In city water we think of chlorination as the primary “treatment”. But some city water is hard water. Homes and businesses in those communities frequently utilize water softeners to “treat” the water, removing hardness or suspending hardness. Most private wells provide water that would benefit from water treatment. Hard Water, Iron Water, Sulfur Water, Arsenic Water, Radon Water, Bacteria Water, Salty Water and lots more problems become problematic in private wells. Most homes and many water intensive businesses utilize some kind or water treatment. Restaurants, Car Washes, Coffee Shops, Manufacturing and lots of others use water softeners & reverse osmosis water treatment systems in their facilities.

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