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How do I remove arsenic from my water ?

How do I remove arsenic from my water ? Here in Maine, we have a bunch of private residential wells with high levels of naturally occurring arsenic. There are several ways to remove arsenic. The best technologies are filter media or resin. Reverse Osmosis usually has disappointing results. Most filter media’s can handle both arsenic … Continued

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Water Filters for Arsenic in Maine

Arsenic in private wells ! Every year in Maine more people are discovering arsenic in their well water. It is usually discovered when we are selling the house. A prospective buyer does a routine water test and everybody learns that it’s not all that routine. Arsenic ! Most likely it will need to be fixed … Continued

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Arsenic Filter Experts !

Arsenic Filter Experts ! There are so many things that can go wrong if your arsenic removal system is not expertly designed, installed and maintained. The picture shows an arsenic removal system in a 10 unit apartment building that was somewhat complicated by other issues with the water chemistry. This is so often the case … Continued

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Arsenic Filters in Belgrade Maine

Mainely Water installs the best Arsenic Filters in Belgrade Maine. The Arsenic water filter in this picture was installed because the homeowner had Arsenic in their well water exceeding the EPA Safe Drinking Water Standard. The were concerned for children’s longterm health. The customer is very happy and we take pride & satisfaction in being … Continued

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Arsenic Filters !!!!!!!!

Arsenic Filters !!!!!!! Arsenic Filters have become the #1 interest item in our portfolio of products & services. Arsenic is dissolved into ground water throughout most of Maine. That means thousands of our private wells (including mine) have dangerous levels of arsenic. TESTING IS CRUCIAL ! It is relatively inexpensive to have your water tested … Continued

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More Water Filters for Arsenic in Maine

More Water Filters for Arsenic in Maine. It seems Arsenic in Water is really a problem widely distributed around Maine. Our most recent Arsenic job is now operating in Washington County. Our client had arsenic levels at twice the “Maximum Contaminant Level” set by EPA. The system installed protects the whole house by removing arsenic … Continued

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Water Softeners in Glenburn Maine

Is it true that folks may need Water Softeners in Glenburn Maine ? Yes. Glenburn Maine is a town of private wells. Most folks get their water from their own water well rather than a city water supply. So there are frequently problems with water quality. Many times we see Iron staining, sulfur smell, even … Continued

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Testing for Arsenic in Maine Water Wells

Testing for Arsenic in Maine Water Wells… This is becoming a bigger issue every day. There are currently at least 2 bills being ushered through the Maine House that seek to elevate testing of well water for disease causing contaminants and specifically testing for Arsenic. If you have a private well, you should have your … Continued

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Do I need water treatment equipment in Maine?

Do I need water treatment equipment in Maine ? Maybe. If you’re asking, You haven’t done enough testing. Basic testing is very inexpensive. More extensive testing is a bit more. But if it turns out you actually have a problem with your water, wouldn’t you want to know ? Most folks are not hoping to … Continued

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Taking care of your water filter system

Taking care of your water filter system. Good quality water filters are large appliances that usually have electronic controllers on a cylindrical tank that is full of a special filter media designed for your particular set of water issues. There are two very broad categories of contaminants to be filtered… Health Related Contaminants (cause disease … Continued

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