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Best Water Softeners in Maine

Mainely Water LLC is an independent distributor of water softeners & water treatment products. The word independent is key. As an independent distributor, we can offer the best product for your water problem. We are not a “Franchise” of some big manufacturer. Those guys are tied to their franchise-bosses. They have dealer agreements that prevent them from choosing any product outside of their franchise product line. That means they are frequently trying to put a square peg in a round hole. They don’t have the right product for your water problem, so they sell you something than they think is “close”. Sometimes that works out, sometimes it does not. Don’t roll the dice. Call Mainely Water at 207-907-9772. Talk to Chuck.

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Why Choose Mainely Water, LLC

Here is what some happy Mainely Water customers have to say about us:

A Trustworthy Company Providing Water Treatment Equipment at a Fair Price