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Why do I have low hot water pressure?

Why do I have low hot water pressure ? Mainely Water got this question last week from a homeowner with a private well in Orono. When I got to their home, I found their water hardness test showed extremely hard water and an elevated pH. Neither of these results indicate a health related concern. However, the combination of the 2, is a problem for boilers. The extreme hardness will fall out of solution in a heated environment (like a boiler) and cause calcium build up in the coil of the boiler. This build up will eventually restrict or obstruct the flow of water through the boiler. Often, homeowners will live with the annoyingly low water pressure. Others will have an acid or vinegar flush every few months. Neither the calcium build up, nor the acid flush is good for long term operation of the coil or boiler. So… If you have good cold water pressure and poor hot water pressure, you may be a good candidate for a water softener. If you find yourself in that situation, we would like to be your first call. Call “Mainely Water” 207-907-9772 Talk to Chuck. He can help.

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