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Taking care of your water filter system

Taking care of your water filter system. Good quality water filters are large appliances that usually have electronic controllers on a cylindrical tank that is full of a special filter media designed for your particular set of water issues. There are two very broad categories of contaminants to be filtered…

  1. Health Related Contaminants (cause disease or other health risk)
  2. Aesthetic Contaminants (not health related but cause odors or staining, etc)

You must be diligent in taking care of your filter system according to recommendations from the manufacturer and you local dealer. If you don’t, bad things can happen…

  1. The system could get plugged up and just stop working until serviced.
  2. The system could be damaged due to neglect and require service plus replacement parts.
  3. The system could let the selected contaminants “Bleed Through” to your drinking water.
  4. The system could actually “dump” / “reject” the contaminant thereby dumping all of the accumulated contaminants back into your water in one giant slug.

If you have aesthetic contaminants, you usually have some kind of warning that the system is not working…

  1. Iron may start to stain things orange or brown.
  2. The bad odor may return.
  3. You may have those Greenish or Bluish stains coming back.

But most Health Related Contaminants have no noticeable effects. Without knowing it, you could experience….

  1. The return of Arsenic
  2. The return of Lead
  3. The return of Bacteria
  4. The return of Radon, Uranium or Radium
  5. The return of MTBE indicating a Petroleum base contaminant

The Bottom line is this: Make sure your Dealer is Certified with a CWS (Certified Water Specialist) from the National Water Quality Association. They contact him/her for detailed instructions on recommended routine care of your system. If you don’t know your dealer or if you just want to be sure your are working with a CWS, Chuck at Mainley Water LLC will be happy to work with you. Telephone help is free. Charges for On-site work are reasonable. 207-907-9772 ask for Chuck.

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