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Water Softeners in Glenburn Maine

Is it true that folks may need Water Softeners in Glenburn Maine ? Yes. Glenburn Maine is a town of private wells. Most folks get their water from their own water well rather than a city water supply. So there are frequently problems with water quality. Many times we see Iron staining, sulfur smell, even arsenic in Glenburn well water. Often… just a good water softener will do the job. Sometimes it takes a little more than a softener. The process is quick & simple. Call Mainely Water (207-907-9772). We will come out, do a quick water test for inorganics, review any other test results you may have, evaluate the installation site and give you a quote for any work that needs to be done. That quote & evaluation is free. So give us a call 207-907-9772.

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