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Water Softeners in Maine

Reduce Staining Reduce Dry Skin Minimize Water spots on the shower wall and on the car you wash at home Protect water heaters & other water using appliances Make clothes cleaner … And lots of other benefits Call here   207-907-9772  to ask all your questions.

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Arsenic Water Filters for Maine Water

Arsenic Water Filters for Maine Water are becoming more & more common as the problem of arsenic in ground water becomes more publicized. It is definitely a good idea to have your water tested. This is one time the “head in the sand” behavior is a very bad idea. Arsenic filters for water are not … Continued

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Water Softeners in Bangor Maine

Water softeners in Bangor Maine is a like a “tale of two cities”. Many commercial facilities will benefit greatly by having a water softener. However, most houses on city water will see little benefit from a water softener. The city water is relatively soft. By contrast, much of the rural areas have private wells. Many … Continued

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Thoughts on Leasing…

Renting or Leasing may make sense for you! So renting a water heater or a water softener may be the best option for you. We have an affordable, strong and appealing rental/leasing program. There are lots of reasons to lease rather than purchase. Folks who have a home based business may be able to deduct … Continued

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Customer Ratings & Reviews

My thoughts on Customer Ratings & Reviews… Over the last 36 years, Issy & I have been involved in thousands of installations of water softeners, water filtration systems & “tankless” water heaters. Maine is our home and the call to stay home and work in Maine has gotten stronger. But we need your support for … Continued

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Iron staining from my water

Lots of folks have iron in their well water. It causes a “rust-colored” staining. In some homes the iron stains are just a mild annoyances. In other homes it can be devastating. It will stain clothing, washing machines, sinks, tubs & showers. Many times it will have an unpleasant odor. Iron problems are very solvable … Continued

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Water Filtration to Remove Arsenic from water wells in Maine

Arsenic Removal from Water is not particularly difficult. However, it needs to be sized correctly, installed correctly and it must follow a strict regimen of testing & follow-up. If any of these criteria are not met, the arsenic problem could present worse than the original problem. Therefore, being even more dangerous than before you started. … Continued

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Why Hire A Certified Professional?

Water Filtration in Maine ! Water Softeners, Water Purifiers, Water Filters, Water Treatment… Sounds simple, right ? Sometimes “Yes”… Sometimes “No”. A simple cartridge filter to remove sand or sediment is something you may be able to do yourself… maybe not. A run-of-the-mill water softener is a job very few folks can do correctly… but … Continued

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Why Choose Mainely Water, LLC

Here is what some happy Mainely Water customers have to say about us:

A Trustworthy Company Providing Water Treatment Equipment at a Fair Price