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Customer Ratings & Reviews

My thoughts on Customer Ratings & Reviews…

Over the last 36 years, Issy & I have been involved in thousands of installations of water softeners, water filtration systems & “tankless” water heaters. Maine is our home and the call to stay home and work in Maine has gotten stronger. But we need your support for our business to survive & thrive in Maine. We are very strong in this industry with lots of experience & education. We can offer you an extraordinary skill set to solve most any water quality problem for Mainers. Most of our past work has been in Maine & Colorado. The water in Colorado has many similarities to the water in Maine. We have also done jobs in Florida, Nebraska, Wyoming, New Hampshire, Massachusetts and several other states. Over the years, we have kept and recorded hundreds of customer reviews of our work. As you will see, they are overwhelmingly supportive. There have been no dissenting reviews that I can recall. That is not to say we have never made a mistake, but rather that we always make good on our word that the customer get exactly what we promised (or even more). Please take a moment to read through these letters & reviews.

Here is a sample…

We hired Mainely Water to install a Rinnai water heater in our home back in September (2016). The process was simple. Chuck was very informative. He scoped out our mechanical room and quoted a system in about 1/2 hour. Installation about 4 days later. The new water heater is so nice ! We have never run out of hot water like we did before. And our gas bill in next to nothing. We are believers ! We highly recommend Chuck & his company.

Call me direct if you have any questions… 207-907-9772. I would love to add your review to this page one day.

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