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Water Softener Rip-Offs

Originally Posted January 31, 2010 by Chuck Minott

Water Softener Rip-Offs are quite common. There are several ways a salesman or a company can mislead you in their sales presentation. Here’s an example of one such “Low Life”. Last week I got a call for service from an 84 year old woman living alone way out in the country. She has her own private well. Several years ago, she bought a water softener from a clever salesman. He convinced her that her water was very hard. In fact, he said it was so hard that she needed a $6,000 water softener. This very nice lady bought the softener and continued to use it and have it serviced until I got there last week. In Fact… her water is naturally soft… without the water softener. Her TDS is high, so she should have a small Reverse Osmosis for drinking water… but not a softener. It is amazing how low some folks will go.

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