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How do I know if I have hard Water?

How do I know if I have hard Water ? or “I live in Maine and I think I have hard water”. These are probably the two most common questions or comments I hear from new customers. My response is always the same… “Hardness in water is an aesthetic contaminant. Meaning, It is not considered a health problem but rather an annoyance. and in many cases a HUGE ANNOYANCE. But all you need to do is look & feel. Use the Jeff Foxworthy method…

You might have hard water if:

  • If you see a white soap scum on the shower walls
  • If you have a ring around the toilet bowl at the water line
  • If you have a ring around the bath tub
  • If your hair is dry and brittle or heavy & “flat”
  • If you get “Water spots” on glasses and silverware
  • If you have to have your boiler flushed often
  • If you have low water pressure on the hot side but good pressure on the cold sideIf you have dry skin problems
  • Your shower head has white crusties on the holes
  • If your faucets leak and need frequent repair or replacement
  • If you need to use a lot of shampoo just to get a good lather
  • If it’s hard to make soap suds

There are lots of other Water issues in public water supplies and in private wells. This post is a little bit about Hard water. If you have any questions about hard water or other water concerns, I am happy to chat with you just about any time. Call me at 207-907-9772. or email me a [email protected]

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