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Hard water in Maine

Hard water in Maine…. Yes, much of Maine has hard water… especially on private water wells. Just plain hard water leaves white spots or whitish staining in tubs, showers & toilet bowls. Add Iron water and you get yellow-to-orange stains with associated odors. Manganese causes similar stains. Sometimes manganese will have a residual sulfur-like odors accompanying the staining. Many times, there are more serious (health related) contaminants. Often, filtration for the more serious problems requires the hardness, iron & Manganese be removed first to prevent damage & scale buildup on the filter for the more serious problems. Here it is critical that the consumer hire a WQA “Certified Professional”, “Certified Water Specialist”. If your Water Conditioning Contractor doesn’t get it right. You could ruin the filters and end up with a worse problem than what you started with. Mainely Water LLC will look at your water tests and make the right recommendations for mitigating hard water and any other issues with your water.

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