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Gosh… I love what I do !

Gosh… I love what I do ! Excuse me while I divert from the whole water treatment thing and water softener thing for a moment. But, sometimes I think I am the luckiest man alive. I love my wife & family. I love what I do for a living ! Every day I travel the state of Maine. It is an incredibly beautiful place. I meet very nice people that have asked me for help with their water. I never do a “sales demonstration”. I never do a “sales pitch”. I never try to “close the sale”. I try to treat every customer like family. Customers often respond by treating me like family. The blessings that brings into my life are unbelievably fulfilling. I help people ! And they are happy about it. I’ve been at this profession for more than 30 years. There have been a few hard times. But over all… It’s been a great run. I’m in great health. I have great energy. So I’ve decided to go another 30 years… Hey ! If Tom Brady can play professional football into his 50’s, I ought to be able to fix your water into my 80’s… no problem. This is a piece of cake compared to the hits Brady takes.

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